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We gather solutions for IR websites and communications so their maintenance is automatic and cost-effective, using advanced technology and in line with the best practices in IR communication over the Internet.

Web Presence

Highly interactive and with friendly interfaces, we implement the optimal solution to the IR website of each company, using advanced graphics and performance data of operational quotes or data over time, interactive balance sheets and calendars, areas segmented by type of information, investment simulators and more.

Investor Relationship Manager

INFOinvest IRM offers a full IR management system, able to produce and maintain a practical history of the relationship with all parties that correspond with IR departments. The records of interactions, accurate information on shareholder base, performance of investments in the company, characteristics of investor funds, and more are permanently available to the IR team and senior executives involved in representing the company before its shareholders and potential market.


i561 emerges in 2017 in response to the new challenges brought about by adoption of the ABSENTEE BALLOT. Coupled to IRM, i561 offers the complete, exclusive solution for the control of votes in general meetings, with immediate tabulation and calculation of results: The platform is ready to process the analytics map provided by the bookkeeping agent and ensures that votes from multiple channels (directly to the company, via bookkeeping agent, and in person) are not counted twice for any individual shareholder, associating the correct quantities of shares held by each shareholder on the date of the general meeting. In addition, it also addresses separate election situations and multiple voting, and finally generates the summary statements to be filed with CVM.


The INFOinvest emailing system works in the time and at the security required by IR best practices, providing accurate management of report templates, mailing lists, and scope and upkeep of lists.

Tradition and Strength

We are the first product created exclusively for the communications of Investor Relations departments over the Internet, and the forerunners in implementing the first websites with IR-exclusive content for Brazilian companies in 1999. It is also the pioneering product in CRM systems for IR audiences, with the release of INFOinvest IRM in 2007.

Portfolio and Confidence

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